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9 Fun & Free Activities: Things to Do at Home in a Time of Social Distancing

by Roslie Casanova
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As we enter into a new era of travel restrictions and enhanced eco-consciousness, it’s all about finding those fun and free activities that you can do at home. 

A passion for learning and discovery is what pushes so many of us out into the world. Exploring new cultures and seeing what it means to be human in remote places around the globe fuels an insatiable wanderlust. But you don’t necessarily need to travel to the far corners of the globe to experience the world! There are so many eye-opening things to do at home.

Whether you are looking for free things to do at home while ‘social distancing’ or want to find activities to do at home anytime you’re feeling restless, we’ve got you covered! Here are nine fun and free activities you can do anytime, anywhere!

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Free Virtual Museum Tours and Activities

1. Google Arts and Culture

One of the prime ways to learn about the culture and history of a destination is to visit a museum. But who says you have to go anywhere to experience culture? Skip the wait, save some cash, and go online.

Things to Do At Home - virtual tour Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Photo courtesy of Eric Terrade / Unsplash

Google partnered with museums around the planet to give us fun and free activities to do from home. Experience virtual exhibits and museum tours. From New York to Japan, explore the world from your couch with Google Arts & Culture. Did you ever think you’d experience the Louvre in your pajamas?

Not only is this one of the best culturally enriching activities you can do while at home, but you might find you gain more from a solo experience from the comfort of home! Experience the enhanced interactive features online and linger where you like without anyone over your shoulder.

Here are a few South Florida museums also offering virtual tours and online experiences while social distancing is our temporary norm: 

2. National Parks Virtual Tours

Even if you can’t get out, you can still enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors! Thanks once again to Google, you can experience 31 U.S. National Parks, including the Florida Everglades, Grand Canyon, Big Bend, and Yosemite all from the comfort of home.

Things to Do At Home - virtual tour Arches National Park, United States
Arches National Park / Photo by Tom Gainor / Unsplash

Walk on lava tubes in Hawaii. Peer down into the crevasses of Alaska. Dive into Florida’s Dry Tortugas. The Hidden World of the U.S. National Parks is far better than anything you could binge-watch on Netflix.

3. Virtual Field Trips and Online Experiences

Learn about geology at Yellowstone National Park’s Mud Volcano and Mammoth Hot Springs Trails! Get up close and personal with live animal cams at the Georgia Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquariums, San Diego Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, and Houston Zoo. And for the little ones; visit San Diego Zoo Kids with plenty of interactive activities to keep them entertained.

Things to Do At Home - virtual tour Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, United States
Georgia Aquarium / Photo courtesy of Glenn Haertlein / Unsplash

Want to take things to the next level? Visit Mars on the Curiosity Rover. Take a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China, or a Discovery tour to learn more about Polar Bears and the Tundra.

Free Movies and TV Show Streaming

4. Movies and TV Streaming

Things to Do At Home - stream tv and movies - Black remote control
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Sure, culture and art are great, but sometimes you just want to veg out in front of the TV. For the easiest of all activities to do while at home, check out a selection of free TV and movie streaming options from IMDB TVPluto TV, and Tubi TV.

You can also stream thousands of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video which includes access to ad-free music and delivery.

Free Educational Resources for Kids

5. Scholastic Learn at Home

If you are looking for educational kids’ activities to do while at home, you’ll love Scholastic. Activities are broken down by grade level, so it is easy to find engaging and age-appropriate materials for your little ones. 

Desk globe on table
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash

Another cool option for all ages is Khan Academy. With free daily content, this online platform covers math, science, history, languages, and SAT prep. If you’re trying to plan educational activities for your kids while schools are closed, check out this Khan Academy resource.

Free Virtual Concerts and Live Streams

6. Performances, Virtual Concerts, and Live Streams

In the mood to just unwind? One of my fave fun and free activities during this time of social distancing is checking out the live concert streams. Forget about crazy ticket prices to get into sweaty venues! Find daily live-streams shows and virtual concert schedules on Billboard.

Things to Do At Home - stream concert and performances
Photo courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

Dig deeper and learn more with a series of archive performances and content from the New World Symphony or listen to Broadway musicals and show tunes for free on Accu Broadway.

Digital Resources (Music, E-books, and Audiobooks)

7. Free E-Books & AudioBooks

Been meaning to catch up on the classics? You’ve got to get to Project Gutenberg. You don’t need a library card or a single cent. Choose from countless timeless titles that you can read on any device, anywhere.

For more selections, check out ManyBooks or Amazon (enter free kindle books in the search bar). Remember that you don’t need a kindle or any special device. Whether you are on your iPhone, Android, laptop, desktop computer, kindle, iPad, or nook, there are formats available for you.

Recommended: E-Readers and Tablets

Things to Do At Home - Kindle and Coffee
Photo courtesy of Aliis Sinisalu / Unsplash

Kindle Unlimited: You can sign up for your first month (30-day) free trial here with unlimited reading and audiobooks listening on any device.

8. Local Library

Your local library is a prime source of fun and free activities. Without stepping foot outside, you can access countless digital resources for free. Stream movies, TV shows, or music. Read audiobooks or check out the best new books. It’s free, and all you need is a library card! Are you a Miami-Dade local? Click here for your digital access.

Free Ways to Stay Active

9. Staying Active

While having some downtime at home can be great for your mental health, it’s crucial to stay active. Of course, the best workout routine is a diverse routine. That’s why you’ve got to keep things engaging.

Things to Do At Home - person walking workout
Photo by Bruno Nascimento / Unsplash

YouTube has countless resources that’ll get you breaking a sweat. For a selection of workouts, check out much-loved options like Popsugar FitnessFitnessBlender and HASfit, and they are all free.


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