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Knaus Berry Farm: Shakes, Berries and (Cinnamon) Rolls!

by Roslie L.
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Knaus Berry Farm Homestead, Florida Cinnamon Rolls

Floridians don’t experience the change in seasons, but the opening of Knaus Berry Farm and a bite of the delicious cinnamon rolls are a sure sign fall has arrived.

If you’re a local resident, you no doubt have heard or made the trek to Homestead for the legendary cinnamon rolls that’s landed Knaus Berry Farm in the National Culinary Heritage Register.

A South Florida staple, this family-owned farm has strong roots in this part of the Sunshine state. Once a humble roadside stand hawking fresh strawberries in the 1950’s, it’s grown into a sprawling piece of farmland bursting with produce during farming season.

Both locals and visitors alike often make the trek to stand in line – under the hot sun – for hours to get their hands on the cinnamon rolls here. They’re that good. On the weekends, the lines are especially long but trust me, they’re worth it.

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Knaus Berry Farm – How Did this Enterprise Start?

Well, brothers Ray and Russell Knaus ran a strawberry farm in 1956 and decided to open a small roadside stand to sell the produce. Then Ray’s wife, Barbara, started baking. Beginning with strawberry cookies, they soon expanded to offer other baked goods.

As time passed, they kept coming up with new ideas until today when you have the difficult task of choosing between the assortment of baked goods, fresh vegetables, and ice cream treats.

Now run by Ray Knaus’ two daughters and their husbands, Knaus Berry Farm opens its doors every fall for the thousands who seek a sweet roll fix.

Tips for a Successful Trip to Knaus Berry Farm

Getting to Knaus Berry Farm

Homestead, Florida
Homestead, Florida

Located in Homestead, Knaus Berry Farm is just under an hour drive southwest of Miami, with quite a few inland turns through the agricultural area. Farmland flanks both sides of the road, along the way you’re likely to see horses, avocado trees, nurseries, signs for fresh produce, and quaint gas stations advertising baked goods.

Knaus Berry Farm Hours

Knaus Berry Farm and U-pick operate seasonally, from late-October through mid-April, during the Redland farming season in Homestead, Florida. It’s best to call ahead and see what’s happening.

During the season, it’s open Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm. They are closed on Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Where to Park?

There is limited free on-site parking, but as you’d imagine, it’s a hassle to find a spot. You’ll more likely be forced to drive around a little before finding a spot. Pack a little patience, and you’ll eventually manage to find a spot.

Best Time to Visit Knaus Berry Farm

Knaus Berry Farm Homestead, Florida Waiting Lines

Locals and visitors alike head to Homestead each week, waiting in the blistering hot sun for hours for a box of steaming, sticky, fragrant sticky rolls.

The lines are particularly long on the weekend. Saturday is terribly crowded. So load up on sunscreen, wear a hat, or even better, bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the South Florida heat and sun.

I recommend going on a weekday or try to get there earlier in the day to avoid the long lines and the mid-day sun as its hottest then. Knaus Berry Farm is open until 5 pm; however, they tend to run out of cinnamon rolls later in the afternoon, so it’s best to go early.

The best time to visit is in February and March, when crowds are not so intense, particularly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, mid-morning to early afternoon. October through December is sheer madness, so avoid it then, if you can. If you have a craving, but can’t make in person, or have no time to visit, they also have an online shop available.

Shakes, Berries, and Cinnamon Rolls

You’ll find a farm stand selling a variety of delicious jams, jellies, fruit baked goods as well as a fresh produce and refreshing shake stand.

Speaking of baked goods, you can order the warm sticky cinnamon buns by the dozen, half dozen, but you can buy them as single too. The cinnamon rolls are $1.35 each or buy half a dozen for $6.40 or a full dozen for $12.00 – so make sure you have enough!

Make sure you’re in the right line based on what you’re purchasing! If you’re with a group, a good strategy is to have at least one person in each line to minimize your wait times.

Local tip: While the Knaus Berry shakes are tasty; I recommend taking the short trip (about 20 minutes drive) to Robert is Here (instead) for an exotic tropical fruit shake experience. You’ll be warmly rewarded.

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Knaus Berry Farm U-Pick Options: Strawberries and Tomatoes

There are plenty of farms and produce stands in the area, but Knaus is easily one of the most popular. If you are more of a “fresh off the vine” person, ask about the self-harvesting option at the small farm.

There’s a U-pick option, where you can pick produce to your heart’s content, including strawberries and tomatoes. You’re likely to see both locals and visiting families happily moving up and down the rows, picking colorful produce under the warm Florida sun.

If strawberry or tomato picking is your primary reason for venturing to Homestead, be sure to call ahead to verify the fields are open for picking but don’t forget your garden basket.

Cash only, please!

Lastly, have cash! I’d hate for you to be that person who’s stood in line for hours only to realize plastic isn’t accepted. Knaus Berry Farm operates on a cash-only basis. Credit cards aren’t accepted, so be sure to have adequate cash-on-hand before you arrive!

There you have it. If you love fresh produce, delicious home-baked goods, mingling with locals and building lifelong memories, you’ll want to make sure to stop at Knaus Berry Farm. Just be sure to bring cash, an umbrella, and your patience.

Things to do in Homestead and the Redlands

As indicated earlier, Knaus Berry Farm is about an hour’s drive from Miami. Although the cinnamon rolls alone are worth the drive, it’s the perfect opportunity to couple it with these other things to do in Miami and make a day trip of it.

Top things to do near Knaus Berry Farm:

  • The Florida Everglades: This Miami must is just 45 minutes from the farm and terrific way to experience the Florida wildlife. Bike the Everglades Shark Valley trail to the observation tower for a panoramic view of the Everglades stretching for miles.
  • Robert is Here: 20 minutes from the farm you will find Robert is Here, an unassuming fruit stand with out of this world shakes.
  • Biscayne National Park: A 25-minute drive from the farm to the coast and a quick boat ride will land you in the gorgeous Biscayne National Park. A hotspot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

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