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Fantastic Things to Do in Miami Summer 2021

by Roslie

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Summer is finally here! And in many ways, there’s no place like Miami to spend your summer months.

The Miami heat is well-known for its intensity, and sure, there are some days when the weather doesn’t like to follow along with the season. But isn’t this the same everywhere?

The great thing about Miami is that the available activities are abounding with creativity, fun, excitement, and an overall cool vibe for the whole family. No matter how old you are or who you are with, Miami has something unique to offer for everyone.

Please keep in mind these details are subject to change. Due to COVID-19, social distancing and face coverings may be required. Be sure to check local health officials’ safety regulations and each establishment’s website for updated information before making final plans.

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Where to go?

When looking for your next exciting thing to do in Miami, it can be difficult to find where to start, much less what you want. So many people tend to focus on the clubbing scene, which, don’t get me wrong, is great, but that’s not all Miami has to offer.

The following are some of the best things you can do in Miami that are unique in their own way and are sure to satisfy everyone.

1. Local Comedy Clubs

You might be surprised to discover that stand-up comedy is huge in Miami. Comedians have an endless supply of material to work from in Miami and believe me; they make the most of it!

Although there are many clubs to choose from, the hottest spots are the Miami Improv in Doral and Just the Funny in Coral Way. Every night, a new stand-up show is available with fresh new content.

Hang out with your friends or family and enjoy the great food and drinks served at these comedy shows. It’s truly a full night out with plenty of laughs.

2. Immerse Your Senses with Van Gogh

Want to add a beautiful sense of art to your summer?

Currently, there is a stunning Van Gogh installation going on in Wynwood. It includes multimedia and digital arts for an experience that places you inside some of Van Gogh’s most significant works.

Plus, for those who love to take great photos, this is the perfect place to take some amazing Instagram pics. However, a photo alone cannot express how intense this experience is. You can literally reach for the sky in the Starry Night Sky at the Beyond Van Gogh installations and spend hours marveling at the beautiful setup.

3. Chill Out with Beer and Soccer Tournaments

Veza Sur Wynwood, Miami

Does a soccer tournament in the Miami heat sound like a good idea? You’re right — it’s not.

That’s why the popular Miami brewery, Veza Sur, is holding its Copa Veza Sur Soccer Tournament indoors. And that’s not all. Soccer lovers can also win $2,000 and Inter Miami CF season tickets during one of the many events of the tournament.

The tournament lasts for two months and includes some excellent beer options and, of course, delicious food. If you’re in Miami between June 6th and August 8th, you can make the most of this event, including live music and DJs.

4. Enjoy the All-Inclusive New Hotels

Feel like splurging on some alone time? Perhaps enjoy a luscious spa and taste Michelin star food?

Miami has recently experienced an influx of new luxury hotels that offer everything from spas, indoor pools, private beaches, entertainment, and much more. For example, the Serena at the Moxy Miami South Beach hotel is a rooftop location complete with delicious food and stunning South Beach views.

Likewise, the Goodtime Hotel is unique because it offers a full-time day club. You can party all day long or relax in their beautiful spa section when it’s time to rest. Many more new hotels offer unique features of their own that are enticing both locals and Miami visitors.

5. Enjoy Less Crowded Shores

Crandon Park Beach Key Biscayne Miami Florida

Not all of us like crowded beaches, and because this summer is likely to be a very crowded one, perhaps you’d like to find a Miami neighborhood with fewer people. If you want to visit a beach that is not full of people, Miami has a lot to offer in this regard as well.

For example, Crandon Park and Bill Baggs State Park on Key Biscayne will be ready to accommodate visitors looking for a bit of privacy. You can expect the waves to be a little foamier and the beaches to have less shade though, so take care to arrive early to find the best spot.

6.   Enjoy A Dive in Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park Homestead, Florida

If you’re looking to explore the beauty of the underwater world, Biscayne National Park is the place to go. Most of this park is underwater, which gives you plenty of opportunities to snorkel or paddle through its mangrove islands and trail of mysterious shipwrecks.

This Miami park also offers scuba tours, where you can truly get up close and personal with the coral reefs, sharks, tropical fish, and old boats. It’s a great summer activity different from the usual Miami lifestyle and can also be done by complete beginners.

7. Enjoy a Ball Game

Miami Marlins Game at Stadium

The Miami Marlins made the playoffs last year, so this is the perfect time for ball lovers to enjoy a good game. This team has proven to be very promising this year, so you will be sure to enjoy a lot of excitement from Miami fans, which also creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Once again, you don’t have to worry about the summer heat because loanDepot Park’s roof is closed most of the time. This means you can enjoy the game without enduring the heat and keep your drinks and your food at the perfect temperature.

8.   Kayak Through Oleta River State Park

Mangroves and Kayak at Oleta-River State Park North Miami Florida

If you’re a fan of kayaking, Oleta River State Park offers a chance to kayak through ancient mangroves and escape into a time long past. The journey will take you through dwindling nature with beautiful sightseeing and a great opportunity for a romantic date in Miami.

And once you finish kayaking, you can also enjoy one of the many long bike trails for an additional experience in nature. It is truly a great way to spend the day with friends and family and rewind from the busy Miami lifestyle.

9. Experience A Drive-in Movie Theatre

Although drive-in movies experienced a comeback in 2020, they are still not common across the US. However, the concept is a refreshing one and can be easily enjoyed without pushing through crowds at a regular movie theatre.

The best one to check out is the Nite Owl Drive-in, where you can watch classics while also enjoying delicious food to order. For just $20 for two passengers, you can watch a great movie from the comfort of your own car.

10. Make Miami a Better Place

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Perhaps one of the most important things that it has taught us is that we need to stick together and help each other during difficult times. If you’ve taken some time in 2020 to reflect on the current situation in the world and your place in it, maybe you’re wondering how to help the Miami community.

There are many volunteering opportunities in Miami this summer. They include cleaning beaches, helping stray dogs, working at a food bank, or helping the local schools. It’s also a great way to meet new people and truly learn more about the community instead of just being an outsider for the summer season.

A New Way to Enjoy Summer in Miami

From fantastic beaches to delicious restaurant food, snorkeling, sports, ball games, and fun family activities, Miami has a lot to offer in the 2021 summer season. Whether you love to experience the culture or you’d like to get away from the crowd in a more secluded place, Miami will always have something for you to enjoy.

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Are you traveling to Miami this summer? Let me know in the comments which of the above activities you want to try!

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