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Pack Like a Pro: 45 Travel Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Roslie L.
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Whether you are traveling across the world or around the block, it’s essential to be ready for any adventure that awaits. Nothing spoils the fun faster than a dead phone battery, a broken suitcase wheel, or an exploded bottle of sunscreen. Fortunately, with the right tools on hand, you can make every excursion worry-free. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a travel lover in your life or are stocking up on your own travel essentials, we’ve got you covered.

From clever gadgets to stylish accessories, this hand-picked collection of travel must-haves will upgrade your adventures and make travel effortless.

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Useful Travel Gifts: Essential Electronics

When it comes to practical travel gifts, smart gadgets are foolproof. Beyond being smart travel gift ideas, they are great for everyday life. Even during those humdrum periods when you rarely do more than commute to the office, many of these everyday essentials will come in handy.

small white power bank charging smartphone

1. The One Thing Every Person Needs: A Tiny Pocket-Sized Power Bank

A 10000mAh charger will power your phone, earbuds, or tablet in a flash. We especially love this model because you can throw it in your pocket and it has magnetic charging.

Buy your extra small power bank here.

2. Luxury Travel Gift Ideas: Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

When it comes to electronics for travel lovers, nothing beats noise-canceling headphones. While most of us have some kind of headphones, they probably aren’t delivering concert hall-quality sound while completely silencing the crying baby sitting in front of you on the plane.

For an ultra-chic style and premium sound, it’s all about the Sony WH-1000XM5. Treat yourself or that someone special today.

4. Gifts for the Outdoor Adventure Travelers: Waterproof Phone Case

From the beach to the boat to the pool, a waterproof phone case that can float is a true must-have item. To protect your phone, go for the best of the best with a floating fully waterproof phone case that works for most phones and has a handy lanyard.

We love this Pelican hi-vis yellow two-pack that will keep your phone safe anywhere and everywhere.

3. Must-Have Travel Gadget: Ultra-Compact Size Portable Speaker

black and purple JBL portable speaker on yellow background

Maybe you’re listening to a podcast while you get ready in the hotel bathroom. Perhaps you’ve found yourself having an impromptu party on the beach. Maybe you’re just cleaning the house. Whatever the case might be, you deserve more than the tinny sounds of your phone.

Waterproof and small enough to fit in your pocket, we love the JBL Go 3. The sound quality is top notch and it comes in a range of fun colors. Grab yours here.

5. Travel Gadgets Worth the Investment: Wireless Hotspot

One of the most important things to do before traveling abroad is to make sure that you can use a SIM card abroad. Using a mobile hotspot router means that you can get affordable and reliable internet access anywhere in the world. Even if your phone is locked to a network (which many are!), you can still get online.

Buying a local SIM card with data can be as cheap as $10/month so it’s well worth investing in a hotspot that allows you to get online without losing access to your phone number or having to carry a second phone.

We love the RoamWiFi for its long battery life and reliability.

6. International Travel Essential: Universal Power Adapter

Rather than getting an adapter just for the next country that you are going to, upgrade to a universal adapter. It’ll save you time and money in the long run, especially if you opt for a model with USB and USB C ports.

For the ultimate travel must-have, go for the TESSAN International Plug Adaptor.

Gifts for Digital Nomads

For the digital nomad in your life, whose office is anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, finding the perfect gift is all about bringing together practicality and tech-savvy ingenuity. Here are a few gifts for remote workers that tick all the boxes.

7. Tech Lover Travel Essentials: Cable Organizer

Even the most minimalistic, lightest packer among us probably has a messy pile of cables and chargers. For digital nomads who need to recreate a workstation on a regular basis, this can be extra annoying. Fortunately, a cable organizer can save the day. 

A perfect gift for anyone who has more than a single item to charge (which is pretty much everyone these days!), buy the perfect fit-it-all electronics travel cable organizer here.

8. One Thing Everyone Needs: A Laptop Sleeve with a Laptop Stand

While most travelers have a decent laptop sleeve, far too many people are living without a laptop stand. Though laptop stands are often forgotten, they are actually a key investment in good remote work ergonomics and preventing neck pain. 

A smart laptop sleeve like the HYZUO Laptop Sleeve Case with Stand makes working anywhere easy and comfortable.

Travel Gift Under $25

As easy as it is to break the bank, some of the best gifts for travelers on every budget are more affordable than you might think. Here are a few low-cost gifts for travel lovers that are sure to be a hit.

orange water shoes on kayak

9. Help Prevent Accidents with Water Shoes

Anytime you are at the beach or in the water, it is a good idea to have water shoes. From keeping your feet protected on rocky beaches to protecting yourself from dangerous falls. Every adventure our traveler needs good quality water shoes that fit well. We love these comfortable and practical water shoes.

10. Stay Organized While Traveling: Packing Cubes

You can eliminate the stress from traveling by staying organized. Learning how to use packing cubes will help you take stock before you go (and prevent you from forgetting anything). Upgrading your vacuum bags/ packing cubes to compression packing cubes will not only keep your bags organized, but it’ll allow you to fit more inside of your suitcases.  

To nab the best of the best, go for the Gonex Extensible Storage Mesh Bags Organizers.

11. Best Travel Gifts for Anyone: Upgraded Travel Pillow

Forget neck pillows! If you are looking to get good quality sleep on the go, upgrade to the best travel pillow. We are talking about those inflatable airplane pillows that offer real support. The Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Pillow will completely elevate your airplane travel experience.

12. How to Sleep During a Long Flight: The Ultimate Travel Blanket and Pillow Combo

To get comfortable on a long flight, bring the ultimate carry-all Urnex Tour Travel Pillow and Blanket Set Neck Pillows for Airplane Sleeping. This cozy memory foam travel pillow and ultra-warm blanket is the perfect upgraded gift for the travel lover in your life.

13. Unique Gift for Travel Lovers: Personalized Luggage Tag

A nice personalized luggage tag provides peace of mind and can also be a stylish way to spot luggage. Our fellow aviation nerds will love a custom take on the classic “Remove Before Flight” tags. The Men Personalized embroidered luggage tag is a cute gift for globetrotters of all ages.

14. Stay Organized While Traveling: Smart Luggage Add-On

If you’re anything like us, you probably feel like a total mess at some point during every trip. You knocked the lid off your coffee and it’s leaked all over your hand. You are reaching into your bag for the tenth time, convinced you’ve lost your phone. Save the travel lovers in your life from this stress! 

We are obsessed with the Remot Luggage Travel Cup Holder. This hands-free drink carrier fits two cups or anything else that you want to have handy on the go.

15. Deliver a Good Quality Travel Water Bottle

two lilac collapsible reusable water bottles

As much as we love the everyday metal refillable bottles and cups, a collapsible water bottle is far more travel-friendly. You can toss it in your bag to refill everywhere from the water station at the airport to Roman fountains. Buy the collapsible filter water bottle in every color and size for the on-the-go people in your life.

16. Give Them a Gift to Take High-Quality Travel Pics

Ditch the selfie stick and learn how to take better selfies. For upgraded travel photos, reach for a good quality portable tripod. The ultra-practical KINGJUE Tripod Stand works with your phone, DSLR camera, or tablet.

Travel Gift Under $100

Whether you’re shopping for the seasoned adventurer or the aspiring globe-trotter, you can give them a gift they’ll cherish for less than $100. Here are a few of our top travel gifts for friends and family.

17. Ultra Useful Travel Gifts: High-Quality Ear Plugs

Whether you’re dancing at a concert, trying to relax on a plane, or working in a cafe, earplugs are far more useful than you might realize.

Loop earplugs have completely changed the game with a range of earplugs for every situation from calming your anxiety to getting a good night’s sleep when your hotel room is located above a noisy street. Here are the three options (and, yes, getting all three is actually really useful and not over the top at all).

  • Quiet: Great for getting a good night’s sleep on plane
  • Experience: Protect ears at concerts
  • Engage: Stay relaxed while traveling

18. Affordable Luxury Travel Essential: Travel Sheets  

There is something about sleeping in a bed that has been shared by hundreds… or thousands…  of people before you that is not so comforting. If you have a travel-loving friend who is a bit of a germaphobe or maybe likes a certain thread count, treat them to the Cozy Silk Sleeping Bed Liner. Whether you put them out in a hostel, a campground, or a five-star hotel, they’ll instantly make any homesick traveler feel right at home.

Essentials for Active Travelers and Adventurers

Choosing the perfect gift for active travelers and adventurers is all about reliability. Think durable travel gear, compact gadgets, and innovative outdoor accessories. Here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired.

19. Easy Travel Gift for Men, Women, and Kids: The Ultimate Windproof Umbrella

Not everything has to be an unforgettable gift! Sometimes people need practical presents that they can cherish and use all of the time for years. A repel windproof umbrella will keep you dry, warm, and cozy in Thai monsoons and soggy trips across the parking lot.

20. Affordable Gift Everyone Needs: The Quick-Dry Travel Towel

From gym rats to beach lovers, anyone and everyone could use a quick dry travel towel. While it can be a bit of a bland gift, the premium quality and trendy look of the Sun Cube microfiber towel make it a fun foolproof gift.

21. Game-Changing Gift: Travel Day Back

Maybe we are partial to anything pocket-sized, but there is nothing like an ultra-small bag that folds out into a daypack. The Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack is the perfect gift for anyone who is looking for a quick and easy grab-and-go bag. 

Gifts to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Keep them safe with these ingenious gifts that add a safe net underneath even the highest flying adventures.

22. Practical Gift: Travel First Aid Kit

Whether you are looking for gifts for family travel or just want to stay responsible on your own expeditions, a travel-sized first aid kit is a must. Toss it in your bag and keep another one in your car.

Grab a super practical and smart travel-sized first aid kit for a gift that will regularly save the day.

23. Stay Comfortable on Long Flights: Trendy and Comfortable Compression Socks

Probably the most overlooked aspect of flying internationally is the wearing of compression socks.

A good pair of compression socks can prevent painful swelling during long travel days and can also help prevent long-term problems caused by frequent travel. These fun yet functional compression socks are a must on long-haul flights.

24. Sleep Well While Traveling: Sleep Masks

Forgot the old-fashioned scratchy cotton sleep mask that never fit well. Upgrade to a silk face mask that blocks light and has an anti-aging perk. The Fleur & Yang Silk Sleep Mask for men and women will help you get to sleep anytime, anywhere.

25. Stay Hydrated While Traveling: Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

While it would be amazing to carry a refillable water bottle everywhere and just fill it up anytime, that’s not always realistic. In many places, the only choice is questionable water from the tap or an endless stream of plastic water bottles. Enter the LARQ Bottle to rescue! This is the perfect gift for absolutely anybody.

Gifts to Stay Organized When Traveling

When you’re struck with wanderlust, it is all about finding a way to organize the chaos so you can stay sane even during the most nail-biting adventures. Here are a few gifts that’ll make that easier.

26. Avoid Overpacking with Luggage Scales

Be strategic while weighing your bags before you get to the airport. It’ll help you avoid surprise fees and give you the chance to spread out the weight among different bags (without all the stress of doing it on the airport floor!). 

Opt for the reliable, high-quality Etekcity Luggage Scale for trustworthy measurements. 

27. Prevent Overpacking with a Clothesline

One of the most overlooked packing secrets is so simple: re-wear your looks! Rather than packing a different outfit for every day, plan to wash things on the go. Whether you are on a long trip or camping, washing your clothes will make life much easier.

Bring a travel clothesline so you can quickly clean your clothes and have them ready to go again in no time.

Travel Gift Ideas for Women

For the adventurous and free-spirited woman in your life, look to practical and stylish fixes that will make her excursions effortless.

28. Upgrade Your Travel Wardrobe with a Travel Jewelry Organizer

The best way to upgrade your travel outfits is with great accessories. Having a good travel jewelry organizer means that you can look chic every day while living out of a suitcase.

29. Practical Women’s Travel Gift: Security Scarf 

The Zero Grid Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pockets is a travel gift idea for the fashion lover in your life. It’s a stylish decoy and is a bit more sophisticated than a simple travel belt. Most importantly, it is a place you can tuck away your valuables and have them completely out of sight.

30. Give the Perfect Carry-On Backpack 

Knowing how to pack efficiently is the key to stress-free travel. Packs like the Sinaliy large travel backpack for women make that easy. With a dedicated pouches, you can fit everything you need in a carry-on bag to save time and cash.

Travel Gift Ideas for Men

For the modern explorer and adventure enthusiast in your life, go for guys’ travel gifts that will make it easy for him to be ready for the next adventure anytime anywhere.

31. Pack Quickly and Efficiently with a Smart Toiletries Bag

Guys, put down the plastic bag! Upgrade your travel gear with the Elviros toiletry bag. This will keep you organized while preventing spills and messing in your suitcases.

32. The Perfect Carry-On Bag for Guys 

Got a guy in your life who is still using your tattered high school backpack for travel? Upgrade him to the MATEIN carry on backpack.

Cool Travel Gadgets

Elevate the travel experience for your globe-trotting friends and family by exploring a range of cutting-edge and ingenious devices designed to make their journeys smoother, smarter, and more enjoyable.

33. Travel Charger: 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

The UCOMX Nano 3-in-1 wireless charger makes it easy to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and iWatch all in one easy piece. This cool gadget packs flat and is perfect for use on the go.

34. Smart Eco-Friendly Travel Gadget: Solar Charger

Whether you are hiking, camping, or just looking for an eco-friendly travel charger, this solar charger 38800mAh Solar PowerBank is an essential travel accessory.

35. Save Money on Luggage with a Pillow Bag

As airlines make checking-in a luggage increasingly more expensive, using your neck pillow for extra storage has become a popular social media travel hack. Why carry around a bunch of stuffing when you could fill your pillow with clothes and other things that you’ll actually use on your trip? Check out the brilliant ​​TUBE Pillow for a game-changing travel solution.

Travel pro tip: If you’re more interested in adding extra luggage space than having an extra pillow, fill up your neck pillow with cozy socks, a warm scarf, and all of the other essentials that you will use on the flight so they are ready to go when you need them.

Travel Safety Essentials

Safety is paramount, and these thoughtfully curated items are designed to empower and protect your loved ones as they explore the world.

36. Avoid Credit Card Theft by Traveling with a Smart Wallet

With the increase in contactless technology, so too comes the increase in data scams. Help protect your traveler from digital pickpocketing with this genuine leather RFID wallet that blocks thieves from scanning credit cards when on the go.

37. Stay Safe at Hotels with a Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

A door-stop security alarm is a perfect travel gift for women or solo travelers. This door security device is similar to a door stopper, but the alarm will sound when pressure is applied to it by an opening door. The door stop also prevents the door from being forced open. Great as a backup plan to help the traveler in your life rest easy.

Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers

Look beyond the basics for an unforgettable gift that they will cherish for years to come.

38. The Ultimate Travel Souvenir: A Travel Map

Help the traveler in your life commemorate their adventures with a scratch-off travel map. This beautiful golden map will remind them where they’ve been and might even give them ideas for where to head next!

39. Creating Memories: Travel Journaling

When you want to create lasting memories, look beyond the endless photo albums. A travel journal is a great way to immortalize every adventure and is truly a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime.

40. Chic Coffee Table Book Gift for Travel Lovers

The Assouline coffee table books have become a social media darling and it’s easy to see why. With beautiful illustrations of locations all over the world, you can build a gorgeous collection or nab that one special book of a dream destination.

41. Travel Essentials: The Perfect Luggage Set

There are many luggage set options out there, but very few of them are as practical and durable as the BagSmart Luggage set. We adore their three-piece set that is perfectly sized for each piece to fit inside of the other.

Travel Books & Guides to Help Inspire Their Next Trip

For the avid wanderer and armchair traveler alike, these pages hold the power to transport their mind and spark their imagination.

42. Travel Guide Gifts 

If you are worried about what items your friend or family member may already have, then a travel guide is always a safe travel gift idea.

Travel guides are excellent as they can inspire countless adventures and give useful advice on their next bucket list destination.

Classic travel brands like Lonely Planet, Fodors, Moon, and Rick Steves’ guidebooks are always a great gift for the travelers in your life. Find more travel guides here!

43. Gifts Books to Inspire Travel

For the person who is always dreaming of their next trip, give them a classic travel book to inspire them. Here are some popular favorites:

44. The Good Old Guaranteed-to-a-Hit Standby: Gift Cards

One thing that is always well appreciated by travel lovers is gift cards or vouchers. Gift vouchers allow the receiver to use the card’s value to purchase experiences, accommodation, or services. Don’t know what to give your well-seasoned traveler? Check out these gift cards and vouchers below.

45. Best Gift of All for Travelers – The Gift of More Adventures!

Give the gift of experience! Create lasting memories that the special people in your life will never forget by planning a Miami trip that will knock their flip-flops off! Here are a few essential Miami experiences that are sure to dazzle.  

Final Thoughts

From innovative gadgets to safety essentials, there is something out there for everyone and every adventure that they might take. Whether you are shopping for a digital nomad, an outdoor enthusiast, or a globetrotting girl boss, finding the perfect travel essentials is all about being creative and thinking outside the big box retailer. 

Looking to make the most of your Miami travel experience? Follow us on Instagram for tips on the hottest spots and coolest hideaways.


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