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Over 50 Travel Gift Ideas You Can Easily Get on Amazon

by Roslie
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Looking for travel gift ideas, but don’t know where to start?

Chances are you have someone in your social circle who always seems to be dreaming of their next bucket list destination. Whether you need a gift for the holidays or a special occasion, deciding on a gift for people who love travel doesn’t have to be complicated.

We have made it easy to help you pick out those essential travel gifts for even the savviest of travelers.

Here’s a comprehensive roundup of the best travel gift ideas to make every traveler’s trip more manageable and enjoyable.

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Essential Travel Gift Ideas

1. Universal Travel Adapter

No travel gift guide would be complete without a universal travel adapter.

A universal adapter has different sliding parts that allow it to plug any device and fit electric sockets around the globe.

These have become especially useful in recent years as we have begun to rely heavily on digital devices to help us travel.

An essential accessory for every traveler.

Buy it HERE!

2. Anker Portable Charger Powerbank

During long travel days, a single charge may not be enough for the phone. In these cases, it’s crucial to have a good quality and long-lasting portable backup power source on hand.

The Anker PowerCore portable charger is excellent as it charges devices at full speed!

Buy it HERE!

3. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes will help even the most scatterbrained traveler stay organized.

This set is great because it also includes a laundry bag and comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Buy it HERE!

4. Travel Pillow

Having a good quality travel pillow is underrated! Help make those long flights and train rides more comfortable by giving them a high-quality neck pillow.

Help your traveler arrive at their next destination well-rested and ready to start the adventure from day one!

Buy it HERE!

5. Compression Socks

Probably the most overlooked aspect of flying internationally is the wearing of compression socks.

A good pair of compression socks can prevent painful swelling during long travel days and can also help prevent long-term problems caused by frequent travel.

These fun yet functional compression socks are a must on all my long-haul flights.

Buy it HERE!

6. Sleep Mask

Sleep masks are relatively inexpensive while being one of the most practical travel gifts.

When dealing with jetlag or trying to catch some sleep on a long flight, a good sleep mask can help block out any light that could keep your traveler from falling into the deep sleep that is so needed during travel.

Buy it HERE!

7. Toiletry Bag


A high-quality toiletry bag means that your traveler will always have their normal routine with them.

Buy it HERE!

Useful Travel Gift Ideas

8. First Aid Kit

A travel-sized first aid kit is the perfect gift if your traveler loves hiking, outdoor sports, or is the clumsiest one in the room!

Buy it HERE!

9. Selfie Stick

An instant travel classic, the selfie stick is an important accessory, particularly for solo travelers. This lightweight Bluetooth selfie stick, with the extendable remote shutter and the adjustable head is perfect for capturing wide-angle shots.

It is compatible with most smartphones and can be connected via Bluetooth allowing the camera to be controlled from the base of the stick.

Buy it HERE!

10. Portable Tripod

For those who love to capture memorable travel moments, a portable tripod is one of the best travel gifts they can receive.

Joby GorillaPod tripods are one of the most popular portable tripods on the market, thanks to their flexible legs.

With its wrappable rubberized foot grips, the Joby GorrillaPod is perfect for capturing shots that require the camera to be still in challenging terrain.

There are GorillaPods for phones and cameras so choose accordingly.

Buy it HERE!

11. Apple AirPods

Traveling can often be long and taxing, so having a handy pair of wireless earphones on hand is crucial for any traveler.

The Apple AirPods allow for ease with listening to music or watching a movie. The Apple Airpods connect to devices via Bluetooth technology eliminating the need for pesky cords, which always seem to get tangled.

They also have a handy remote built-in, which allows for the seamless answering of phone calls and volume adjustment.

Buy it HERE!

12. Wireless Hotspot

An invaluable companion for travelers, a wireless hotspot will ensure that they can always connect when needed, plan travel on the go, or keep friends and family up to date on their adventures.

Buy it HERE!

Practical Travel Gift Ideas

13. Kindle Paperwhite

A no-brainer for a seasoned traveler since one device can hold over 1000 books. The paper-like appearance of the Kindle Paperwhite model is popular among travelers.

No longer will space and weight compromise luggage with books with this handy device. Store a whole library of books on this lightweight and portable device.

It has an automatic brightness sensor, meaning the device’s brightness will change depending on its surroundings — perfect for a day reading in the sun!

Buy it HERE!

14. Portable Luggage Scale

Help avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport like baggage fees by giving them a portable luggage scale to make sure they are within the airline baggage limits.

Buy it HERE!

15. SD Card

Photography-inclined travelers may go through a full SD card (or two) during the course of a trip.

Give them all the backup storage that they need to capture as many shots as their heart’s content.

Buy it HERE!

16. Earplugs

Earplugs should be an essential part of everyone’s travel kit, especially as good-quality sleep can be hard to come by when staying in shared accommodation like hostels, or even for those noisy long haul plane rides.

We suggest getting a pair of moldable earplugs so that they are not at risk of falling out while you sleep.

Buy it HERE!

Travel Gifts Under $25

17. Waterproof Phone Case

Help your traveler avoid disaster in the face of rainy weather, watersports adventures, or mishaps on the road.

Some waterproof phone cases are so advanced that they can be used to take underwater pictures!

Buy it HERE!

18. Electronics Travel Cable Organizer

With all the travel gadgets that come along on a trip, why not give the gift of a travel cable organizer bag to help reduce the inevitable mess of charging cables?

Buy it HERE!

19. Travel Blanket

Travel blankets are great as they offer comfort without compromising much space or weight, not to mention they are the perfect gift for travelers to use on those drafty planes, trains, and automobiles.

Buy it HERE!

20. Personalize Luggage Tags

A nice personalized luggage tag provides peace of mind and can also be a stylish way to spot their luggage.

Buy it HERE!

Travel Gift Ideas for Women

21. Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

A travel gift idea for the fashion lover in your life, the hidden pocket infinity scarf is a stylish decoy and is a bit more sophisticated than a simple travel belt.

Buy it HERE!

22. Travel Wrap or Oversized Sweater

A multi-purpose travel wrap can be a great addition to any packing list.

It can serve as a dress, shirt, scarf, or towel when traveling in warm-weather climates.

Give them a staple piece that will be invaluable on their travels.

Buy it HERE!

23. Leggings for Women

A pair of high-quality, durable leggings is a versatile item on any packing list.

They can be worn under dresses in conservative countries or can be a comfortable travel day outfit.

Buy it HERE!

24. Travel Jewelry Organizer

When away from home and constantly moving, organization can be the first thing that slips.

Help your traveler stay organized with a handy jewelry organizer bag!

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Cool Travel Gadgets

25. GoPro Waterproof Camera

If you are looking to splurge that little bit extra on a travel-lover, then you cannot go wrong with the top-rated GoPro Hero adventure camera.

It is not only small, but it has an extremely good battery life and is entirely waterproof. It can be easily synced up with the user’s phone, which can be used as a remote to control it from a small distance away.

GoPro has accessories and attachments for every type of adventure out there, from helmet mounts to waterproof cases.

Buy it HERE!

26. Camera

I’ve used the Canon EOS M50 camera for most of my travels; it continues to be my personal favorite compact to take photos, many of which are featured on this website.

It is a great DSLR starter camera for those travelers who want to graduate from snapping photos on their phones.

Buy it HERE!

27. Tablets: Apple iPad, Android, or Amazon Fire

Sometimes a tablet can be the best travel companion: Apple iPad, Android, or Amazon Fire. Your traveler can book travel plans with ease, journal their experiences, or research their next trip.

Buy Apple iPad HERE!

Buy Android HERE!

Buy Amazon Fire HERE!

28. Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones, especially those from Bose, are a useful piece of technology to have on hand to help find a little peace and quiet amidst the potential chaos of a travel day.

We guarantee this travel gift will get used time and time again by your traveler.

Buy it HERE!

29. Travel Laptop

Sometimes work just cannot escape a travel-lover, even when on a well-deserved vacation.

For travelers who need a laptop, it is vital to have a lightweight laptop like the Macbook Air that will meet the needs of all work tasks, and won’t add much to luggage weight.

The MacBook Air is a powerful laptop with an incredible 12 hours of battery, making it perfect for those airport layovers.

Buy it HERE!

30. Laptop Sleeve

If your travel-loving buddy travels with a laptop, it is important that they own a protective and heavy-duty laptop sleeve. This laptop sleeve offers a snug and tailored fit to laptops, giving it complete protection.

Not only this, but it is also padded and is both waterproof and stain-resistant. These are all essential qualities to consider as often electronics such as laptops can get quite easily damaged.

Buy it HERE!

31. Bluetooth Speaker

Perfect for picnics, beach days, or a gathering of new travel friends, a good Bluetooth speaker will help bring great vibes to any travel destination.

Buy it HERE!

Perfect Luggage for Every Type of Travel

32. Luggage

Why not give them a perfect travel suitcase? Expandable suitcases are a great travel gift as they can take up little room when empty but can be stuffed full of travel essentials when needed.

I love this Samsonite expandable softside set with spinner wheels for its versatility and lightweight design.

Buy it HERE!

33. Weekend Travel Bag

Weekend duffel bags are one of the best travel gifts for friends or family members for quick business or leisure trips.

They are perfect for the frequent weekend warrior as they are incredibly malleable at fitting into those hand luggage restriction boxes we all fear.

Buy it HERE!

34. Osprey Travel Backpack

Osprey is one of the leading brands in providing durable and lightweight travel backpacks, perfect for those who enjoy hiking or traveling days.

The Osprey Farpoint travel backpack is a favorite among savvy travelers because it is sturdy and they come in a range of sizes and fun colors, making your luggage stand out from the crowd.

Buy the women’s version here!

Buy the men’s version here!

35. Travel Day Pack

Great for hikers or city explorers, a daypack is a smaller-sized backpack that allows travelers to carry needed essentials for day excursions.

The small and compact Osprey daypack is the ideal size as they fit most hand-luggage requirements and travelers can clip this pack onto the outside of their main backpack for those traveling days.

Buy it HERE!

36. Trekking Backpacks

The true mark of a backpacker is their oversized backpack that holds all their gear. Get them a high-quality hiking travel backpack that will become their constant companion on the road.

37. Foldable Duffle Bag

Any good traveler knows that no two trips are alike. Sometimes a soft, foldable duffle bag is the baggage of choice over a typical hard suitcase.

Check out these foldable duffle bags on Amazon!

38. Beach Bag

Give your favorite traveler the gift of a lightweight beach bag that can carry the beach essentials – a towel, sunscreen, and a few magazines.

Buy it HERE!

39. Pet Carrier Travel Bag

Pet-lovers who can’t travel without their pet? Give them the gift of a great pet carrier travel bag.

Pet carriers offer a safe environment for the animal to travel, that is secure yet ventilated.

Never again will they have to find someone to look after their four-legged friend as they embark on their next trip.

Buy it HERE!

Outdoor Adventure Traveler Gifts Ideas

40. Rain Jacket

A high-quality rain jacket can help ensure that your traveler can continue seeing the sights regardless of the weather!

Buy it HERE!

41. Quick-Dry Water Shoes

Water shoes are an item that many people don’t think to bring, but that becomes priceless in the right circumstances.

This is one travel-gift idea that the adventure lovers in your life will love. Great for hiking, walking along pebble beaches, or navigating forest streams.

Buy it HERE!

42. Walking Shoes

Get them a pair of comfortable but stylish walking shoes that are perfect for both city sightseeing or light trail hiking.

Buy it HERE!

43. LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle

The LifeStraw filter water bottle makes water safe to drink, which means travelers, particularly hikers won’t need to carry their own water supply.

It’s also handy when traveling in countries where water purification systems are not up to standards.

Buy it HERE!

44. Sleeping Bag Liner

This handy sleeping bag liner guarantees that travelers can sleep in ‘their own’ sheets even when staying in a hostel.

It’s also incredibly useful to use as a sleeping bag liner because it can always be washed!

Buy it HERE!

45. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Whether you are a beach-lover, gym-goer, or hostel user, a quick-dry towel is an essential item on any travel packing list.

With a quick-dry towel, you will never have to worry about carrying a smelly towel around with you.

Microfibre towels are the way to go, as these can fold up relatively small, and they are also extremely quick at drying.

Buy it HERE!

46. Windproof Umbrella

We’ve all seen the poor souls walking down the street with an inverted umbrella.

Ensure that your traveler never falls into this common trap with a windproof umbrella!

Buy it HERE!

Travel Safety Essentials

47. RFID Wallet

With the increase in contactless technology, so too comes the increase in data scams.

Help protect your traveler from digital pickpocketing with this genuine leather RFID wallet that blocks thieves from scanning credit cards when on the go.

Buy it HERE!

48. Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

A door stop security alarm is a perfect travel gift for women or solo travelers.

This door security device is similar to a door stopper, but the alarm will sound when pressure is applied to it by an opening door. The door stop also prevents the door from being forced open.

Great as a backup plan to help the traveler in your life rest easy.

Buy it HERE!

49. Travel Insurance

Give the jet setter in your life priceless peace of mind with travel insurance. Not just for accidents and theft, travel insurance also provides a financial safety net in case of delays or cancellations that could otherwise ruin a well-planned trip.

Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers

50. Scratch Off World Map

Help the traveler in your life commemorate their adventures with a scratch-off travel map.

It helps them remember where they’ve been and might even give them ideas for where to head next!

Buy it HERE!

Travel Books & Guides to Help Inspire Their Next Trip

51. Travel Guides

If you are worried about what items your friend or family member may already have, then a travel guide is always a safe travel gift idea.

Travel guides are excellent as they can inspire countless adventures and give useful advice on their next bucket list destination.

Classic travel brands like Lonely Planet, Fodors, Moon, and Rick Steves’ guide books are always a great gift for the travelers in your life.

Find more travel guides here!

52. Books to Inspire Travel

For the person who is always dreaming of their next trip, give them a classic travel book to inspire them. Here are some popular favorites:

53. Gift Cards

One thing that is always well appreciated by travel lovers is gift cards or vouchers. Gift vouchers allow the receiver to use the card’s value to purchase experiences, accommodation, or services. Don’t know what to gift your well-season traveler? Check out these gift cards and vouchers below.

Best Gift of All for Travelers – The Gift of More Adventures!

54. Get Your Guide Travel Experiences

Travel operator ‘Get Your Guide’ offers gift certificates that can be redeemed for 30,000+ tours and activities offered on their website.

Check out this list of top Miami attractions and give the traveler in your life the gift of an amazing travel experience!


Give a great gift to the traveler in your life and help take their trip to the next level.

Travel gifts don’t have to be expensive to add value to any travel-lovers experience. A culmination of small items can give any aspiring globe-trotter the final kick they need into booking that much talked about adventure.

Hopefully, this guide will provide you with inspiration and the best travel gift ideas for those savvy travelers in your life.


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