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Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace: A Taste of Miami’s Authentic Island Culture

by Roslie L.
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Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace, Miami Florida

The Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace is the embodiment of South Florida: a sensory overload of sight, tastes, and sounds. If you’re looking for a destination in Miami, with strong roots, and full of energy, while still being off-the-beaten-path, stop by the Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace.

The bustling historical landmark, patterned after Port-au-Prince’s famous Marché en Fer (the Iron Market), comes alive with Afro Caribbean art, culture, food, set against the backdrop of live music, island-style. Whether you’re into arts, artisan crafts, or sampling traditional cuisine, there’s something for everyone at this hidden cultural gem.

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Little Haiti Miami and the Little Haiti Cultural Complex

The marketplace set in the vibrant working-class Little Haiti neighborhood in Miami, home to a large Haitian population. Unlike many pockets in South Florida, it’s low on campy tourist attractions, instead full of authentic shops, Haitian bakeries, restaurants, art galleries, and vibrant street culture.

Mural in Little Haiti, Miami Florida

With limited tourist accommodation in the immediate area, Little Haiti tends to get missed by many visitors, and many mainstream tourist guides. Don’t be fooled by this though! This art and culture-filled neighborhood is worth a stop, especially with the emerging Little Haiti Cultural Center. The complex featuring a museum-quality art gallery and home to some of the best free things to do in Miami, including the cultural night known as “Sounds of Little Haiti.”

Tap Tap Tour Bus in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida

For an in-depth look at the area, book the Little Haiti bus tour, offering a cultural exploration of the neighborhood while also providing a rich and entertaining view of local history.

Escape to the Islands … at the Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace

As you approached the 9,000-square-foot space, feeling the hot South Florida sun on your shoulders, you’ll begin to hear and feel the bustling energy within the Marketplace: the live music swaying in the background, the scent of traditional Haitian foods; the flash of brightly-colored accessories and splashes of yellow, sea blue and red everywhere.

Like most immigrant hubs, it started as a place where people sought out the comforts of their homeland while adapting to the culture of their new country. However, Mache Ayisyen, the Caribbean Marketplace, fell into disrepair, shuttered down for years, and was in danger of being demolished. Spurred by local objection, a community and city-led effort was put in place to renovate and revamp the marketplace.

The gingerbread-style structure now up and running, stands as a symbol of the city’s cultural diversity, and a community very much a part of Miami’s rich history.

Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace, Miami Florida

Caribbean Market Day

Saturdays, dubbed Caribbean Market Day, are the busiest with an influx of friendly and welcoming vendors selling traditional Caribbean handicrafts, jewelry, fashion designs, housewares, art, books, natural beauty products and more. Vendors will happily talk more about their craft when asked.

Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace Miami's Authentic Island Culture

Not interested in artisan crafts? It’s an ideal sampling of Caribbean culture, including indoor dining, art exhibitions, music by local bands, and (occasional) performances.

Food at the Caribbean Marketplace

I recommend trying some island food while you are there. It’s the perfect showcase of traditional dishes and a great place to fuel up. Foods from aromatic stew chicken and fried plantains to the traditional fried pork chunks (griot), or exotic fruit drinks, or my go-to, the conch salad. You’ll even find a selection of vegan options too.

Ti Georges Kafé

Revive yourself from a food coma by slipping into the small café tucked into the corner of the Caribbean Marketplace for a strong cup of Haitian-imported coffee.

Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace Miami's Authentic Island Culture - T George Kafe

Georges – yes, he’s the owner – is as cheerful and friendly as they come. Before starting up this hidden gem, George ran a cult-favorite fried chicken joint in L.A. but now concentrates full-time on running the coffee stand and importing beans. I’m not a coffee connoisseur, so he made me his special Haitian rum punch, a refreshing tropical paradise in a glass! You can also pick up flaky Haitian pastries and dark, rich coffee beans imported straight from Haiti here.

Libreri Mapou Bookstore Little Haiti 

Before leaving the Caribbean Marketplace, be sure to pay a visit to the Libreri Mapou Bookstore, located right next door to the Marketplace. Founded by Haitian playwright, poet, and activist Jan Mapou, this community staple has managed to preserve Haitian culture for decades.

Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace Miami's Authentic Island Culture - Libreri Mapou Bookstore

His inventory started from his collection, and now this brightly yellow-colored shop is stocked with books on Haitian history, politics, folklore and more, as well as vibrantly illustrated children’s books by Haitian authors.

Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace Miami's Authentic Island Culture - Libreri Mapou Bookstore, Miami, Florida

The bookstore is a pocket of true Haitian culture, a cherished spot for many locals who come here to listen to live music and chat about the issues facing the island. All are welcome, and I highly recommend a stop here!

The Little Haiti Caribbean Marketplace Location:

The Caribbean Marketplace is located at 5925 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137. If you are trying to maximize your time in the area, I recommend combining a part-day stop in Little Haiti, with visits to the nearby spots, like the Design District or Wynwood.

The Caribbean Marketplace is more than food and music or the bright colors depicted all over the building. The Marketplace represents the exuberance and the liveliness of the city’s Caribbean culture, an atmosphere unto itself that will leave an impression.


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catdarlingsite March 1, 2019 - 4:52 am

OOooo, looks like fun. I haven’t spent nearly enough time exploring Miami for living this close, West Palm Beach. I will have to go down and explore a little more. Thanks, great pot!

Coastlines to Skylines March 1, 2019 - 5:37 am

Thanks for reading! The Marketplace is an enjoyable experience with great shopping, food, and merriment. I’ll definitely continue to visit.

West Palm is close and an easy day trip from Miami. If you ever make the trek down, check out my post on 60+ FREE Things to Do in Miami it might give you some day trip ideas as well (https://www.coastlinestoskylines.com/free-things-to-do-in-miami/). Thanks again!

catdarlingsite March 3, 2019 - 12:54 am

Ok, great! I normally end up down there several times a year so I will definitely take a look :)

Crystal March 1, 2019 - 8:36 pm

Something I love about your blog is finding out how multicultural Miami is. There seems to be so many different unique experiences that occur throughout the city. Little Haiti sounds like such a cool place to visit! I am going to need a lot of time for whenever I finally make it to Miami to visit all of these cool places!

Coastlines to Skylines March 4, 2019 - 11:50 pm

Thank you, Crystal. Exploring these little cultural gems is only part of the fun; I’m slowly obtaining a newfound appreciation for my own backyard. Little Haiti is definitely one of the neighborhoods I’d recommend on your Miami itinerary. It’s right up your alley.

Rob+Ann March 10, 2019 - 6:01 am

Oooh! Thanks for this – a new place to explore on our next trip to Miami! Looks fun!

Coastlines to Skylines March 10, 2019 - 10:15 pm

Thanks, this little Miami gem is worthy of a stop.


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